Imagine a world where people of all abilities found empowerment in their community. Everyone desires a sense of belonging. We hope to fulfill that desire by creating more accessible opportunities for everyone. Our mission is to Inspire Hope and Inclusion, through access, within our communities for those with medical adversities and disabilities.

Access to education, play, and a thriving community is the cornerstone of increasing inclusion for people with disabilities. When individuals are provided with accessible educational opportunities, it not only empowers them with knowledge and skills but also fosters a sense of belonging and self-worth. Inclusive play environments offer not only fun and recreation but also essential social interactions, promoting understanding and acceptance among peers. Furthermore, a supportive and welcoming community ensures that individuals with disabilities and medical adversities are not isolated but integrated, enabling them to contribute their unique talents and perspectives to the greater community tapestry. Together, these elements create a society where every individual is valued, and where differences are celebrated, leading to a more inclusive and enriched community for all.



Inspire HI Project


Accessible Education, Nursing Program

 Through Education

Accessible Switch Adapted Toy Project

Through Play

Accessible Art at the Children's Art Festival

Through Community

Inspire HI Project is a registered 501c3 Non-profit Organization in Yuma Arizona.

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